Pharmacy Aide Needed In Canada By Trelawny Drug Mart Ltd

We are seeking a diligent and detail-oriented Pharmacy Aide to join our team and assist in the efficient operation of our pharmacy. The Pharmacy Aide will play a vital role in supporting pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in various tasks, ensuring accurate medication dispensing, excellent customer service, and maintaining a well-organized workspace. If you are passionate about healthcare, possess strong organizational skills, and are committed to contributing to patient care, we encourage you to apply for this role.

Who can apply to this job?

Only apply to this job if:

  • You are a Canadian citizen, a permanent or a temporary resident of Canada.
  • You have a valid Canadian work permit.

If you are not authorized to work in Canada, do not apply. The employer will not respond to your application.

How to apply

By email

[email protected]

In person

3899 Trelawny Circle suite #9 Mississauga, ONL5N 6S3Between 11:00 AM and 08:00 AM

This job posting includes screening questions. Please answer the following questions when applying:

  • Are you currently legally able to work in Canada?

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Here are some frequently asked questions to help you gain a better understanding of this Pharmacy aide:

1: What is the role of a pharmacy aide?

A pharmacy aide assists pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in various tasks, including inventory management, customer service, administrative duties, and maintaining a clean and organized workspace.

2: Do pharmacy aides work directly with medications?

While pharmacy aides handle medications under the supervision of licensed pharmacists or pharmacy technicians, their tasks are primarily related to preparing labels, packaging, and organizing medications.

3: What are the key responsibilities of a pharmacy aide?

Key responsibilities include:

  • Organizing medication inventory.
  • Assisting with prescription filling.
  • Labeling and packaging medications.
  • Greeting and assisting customers.
  • Answering phone calls and directing inquiries.
  • Maintaining cleanliness in the pharmacy area.
  • Assisting with administrative tasks.

4: Is prior healthcare experience necessary for becoming a pharmacy aide?

Prior healthcare experience is beneficial but not always required, as training is often provided on the job.

5: Can pharmacy aides handle customer interactions?

Yes, pharmacy aides interact with customers, answering basic inquiries, directing them to the appropriate personnel, and providing customer service.

6: Is this role physically demanding?

Pharmacy aides spend time on their feet, perform tasks that involve standing, and handle various items, making physical stamina important.

7: Can pharmacy aides work in hospitals and retail pharmacies?

Yes, pharmacy aides are employed in a range of settings, including hospitals, retail pharmacies, clinics, and long-term care facilities.

8: What skills are important for a pharmacy aide?

Key skills include attention to detail, organization, communication, basic math skills, and the ability to follow instructions accurately.

9: Can pharmacy aides work part-time or full-time?

Yes, both part-time and full-time positions are available, depending on the needs of the pharmacy.

10: Is there potential for career growth as a pharmacy aide?

Yes, pharmacy aides may have the opportunity to advance to roles such as pharmacy technician after gaining experience and completing relevant training.

11: What’s the most rewarding aspect of being a pharmacy aide?

Contributing to the efficient functioning of a vital healthcare service and playing a role in patient care.

12: Can pharmacy aides help with administrative tasks?

Yes, pharmacy aides assist with administrative duties like filing records, handling paperwork, and managing phone calls.

13: Are pharmacy aides required to have knowledge of medications?

While pharmacy aides should have basic knowledge of medications, they work under the guidance of licensed professionals who ensure accurate dispensing.

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