Factory Helper Needed In Canada By A-Z Foam Ltd

As a Factory Helper, you will play a crucial role in supporting various tasks within our manufacturing facility. Your responsibilities will include assisting in production, maintaining cleanliness, and ensuring the smooth operation of factory activities.

Who can apply to this job?

The employer accepts applications from:

  • Canadian citizens and permanent or temporary residents of Canada.
  • Other candidates with or without a valid Canadian work permit.

How to apply

By email


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Here are some frequently asked questions to help you gain a better understanding of this Factory helperĀ :

1. What does a Factory Helper do?

Factory Helpers assist in various tasks within manufacturing plants, supporting production, assembly, and ensuring smooth factory operations.

2. What are the primary responsibilities of a Factory Helper?

Responsibilities include:

  • Assisting in the assembly line by handling materials, tools, and machinery.
  • Transporting materials or finished products within the factory premises.
  • Cleaning and maintaining work areas and machinery to ensure safety and efficiency.
  • Following instructions from supervisors and cooperating with team members.

3. What skills are essential for a Factory Helper?

Essential skills include physical stamina, attention to detail, the ability to follow instructions, teamwork, and a commitment to safety protocols.

4. What qualifications or experience do Factory Helpers need?

Entry into this role generally requires a high school diploma or equivalent. Prior experience in a similar role or manufacturing environment can be beneficial.

5. What distinguishes an exceptional Factory Helper?

Exceptional Factory Helpers exhibit reliability, willingness to learn, adaptability to varying tasks, and a proactive attitude in supporting the production process.

6. Are Factory Helper positions physically demanding?

Factory Helper roles can involve physical tasks such as lifting, standing for extended periods, and operating machinery, so physical stamina is beneficial.

7. What makes a Factory Helper valuable in a manufacturing setting?

A valuable Factory Helper contributes to the efficiency of production processes by supporting operations, maintaining a clean workspace, and assisting in tasks as needed.

8. What career opportunities exist for Factory Helpers?

Factory Helpers may progress to more specialized roles within the manufacturing industry with experience and additional training, such as machine operation or quality control.

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