School Counsellor Hiring In Faisalabad

Job Description

Guide the development and implement a competitive school counseling program that focuses on and promotes students’ success
Value and respond to the diversity and individual differences of students
Ensure equitable access to opportunities and rigorous curriculum for all students
Provide direct support services through structured conventions
Evaluate areas of strength (KSAOs) and advocate students
Provide group or individual responsive services
Collaborate and consult with parents, teachers, community organisations and other stakeholders
Perform assessments, interpret tests and study student records
Gather and analyse data to measure results
Complete regular reports on progress
Integrity and professionalism
Advocacy skills
Ability to respond effectively to the needs of a diverse student pool
Working knowledge of various counseling models, practices and resources
Engaging interpersonal skills and excellent communication skills
Ability to collect and analyse data


The candidate must being in Faisalabad.
Work experience in a related field required.
Salary and accommodation Depend on experience.
To apply please send a CV.

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