PHP Programmer Hiring In Karachi

Job Description

Configure and maintain Apache and PHP programming atmosphere.
Establish, maintain and optimize SQL Server databases.
Maintain and improve backup as well as recovery strategy.
Maintain and manage general network setup.
Design and prepare robust web applications along with services.
Improve and maintain all current PHP programming systems.
Support establishing scope of work along with timelines for different technology projects.
Facilitate to establish and maintain test, development and production environments.
Define process parameters and design all application structures as required.
Involve in systems evaluation and design efforts related to user interfaces.
Maintain and manage clear documents of processes and convey activities progress.
Prepare application test data as required and validate whichever data conversion needed for final execution along with production rollout.
Conduct code evaluation and recommend software adaptation.
Execute data preparation along with clean-up.
Conduct tests related to quality assurance and usability for different project websites.


The candidate must being in Karachi.
Work experience in a related field required.
Salary and accommodation Depend on experience.
To apply please send a CV.

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